Monthly Archives: October 2007

De-clawing Cats — What do you mean, you “don’t think he’s hurting?”

Some days I think I am a great communicator.  Heaven knows, I love to listen to me talking.  Then there are days like today. De-clawing is a major surgery for the cat (pretty routine for me).  I don’t feel it is something to be entered into lightly, or to be considered "minor" in any way.  […]

Airport security doesn’t understand Luddites

I really don’t consider myself a Luddite.  I have a cell-phone, write a blog, my motorcycle has a shaft drive, I like central heat and air.  On the other hand, I like some traditional things like acoustic instruments, and early music (baroque, renaissance, medieval) played on period-type instruments — I own a harpsichord and a […]