Little “Memphis” was just minding his own business, mostly. He did sort of poke his nose through the fence just a little. He wasn’t being very nosey, but the old, bad, nasty dog outside decided that any nose was too much and just bit it right off…lips, too. Kind of looks like a losing proposition, doesn’t it?

A couple of weeks later it’s looking some better, but it still qualifies as nightmare, horror, disaster victim type stuff. We couldn’t really sew anything back together because the pieces were missing. We treated him with that liquid band-aid stuff and kept him on antibiotics. It looks like his nostrils have scarred shut, but they haven’t. He doesn’t exactly look like a winner yet.

And here he is in a few more weeks, a great testimony to the healing powers of nature. Of course, he was in his most rapid phase of growth, since this happened long before he was weaned. That put his healing powers at maximum, provided he took in enough raw material to heal with. His owner’s dedicated nursing care is what made the difference. Aren’t you glad we didn’t give up?