When we are diagnosing a problem with a client’s dog or when a dog needs surgery, blood tests for dogs give us information that is vital to determining what might be wrong or what treatment is needed. Here are some of the points we are looking for in blood tests:

  • Proper functioning of liver and kidneys, used to determine a dog’s ability to tolerate surgery (along with other exam results)
  • Detecting or ruling out congenital diseases in puppies
  • Identifying dehydration, especially important if a dog has diarrhea or has not been eating or drinking well
  • Detecting anemia, diabetes or organ failure
  • Assessing an animal for infections of various types or abnormal responses to stress

The Cost of Blood Tests for Dogs

While some of our clients are concerned about the cost for blood tests for dogs, we can assure you of one thing: Getting the diagnosis right the first time around can save our client hundreds if not thousands of dollars and prevent days or weeks of suffering for your pet. And we know that when our pets suffer, we suffer right along with them.

We’re ready to use our decades of experience to discover the cause of your pet’s health problems, or confirm their good health. To receive an accurate diagnosis for your cat or dog, call us to schedule an appointment at (573) 888-2255.