Your pet can’t tell Dr. Mobley what the problem is or where it hurts. That’s why we have a wide range of diagnostic services. These services help us get your pet healing as fast as possible. We might even save you thousands of dollars in care by getting the diagnosis right the first time. And that’s in addition to returning your best friend to your lap, couch or bed.

Dr. Everett Mobley’s four decades of experience treating animals of all sizes has perfectly prepared him to provide diagnostic services for your pet. Every year, he invests in further education for himself and updated equipment for the clinic so he can provide the most precise and accurate diagnosis for each cat or dog he treats.

Comprehensive Pet Exams

Dr. Mobley’s care always starts with a comprehensive exam to see what might be wrong or to get early warning on problems that may not show up till later.

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Dog X-rays

X-rays help us locate foreign objects your dog might have eaten, find out exactly where they have been hurt or diagnose internal ailments. Dog x-rays also help ensure that a pregnancy and birth go well.

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Cat X-rays

With cat x-rays, we can check out the reasons for vomiting, poor appetite, lethargy and other symptoms. We can help you verify a pregnancy and even count the kittens that are due to arrive.

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Blood Tests for Dogs

Blood tests can reveal the reason your dog isn’t feeling well or if your dog is strong enough to tolerate anesthesia or surgery. We can learn a lot about the health of each major organ system by analyzing the results of blood tests.

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Cat and Dog Ultrasound

For some conditions, an ultrasound gives us the exact diagnostic information we need. To detect tumors or cysts or inflammatory changes within an organ, bladder stones, and fluid accumulations, we often recommend an ultrasound.

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Blood Tests for Cats

Whether your cat is just a kitten or a wily old survivor, blood tests help us gauge your cat’s health and determine what nutritional changes, medications or even surgery can improve their lives.

Veterinary Electrocardiogram

With an electrocardiogram (ECG), we’re able to analyze the function and structure of your pet’s heart. If part of the heart has thickened or dilated or if the rhythm of the heart is off, we’ll know what to do.

Veterinary Cytology

The word “cytology” refers to a study of cells. Many times, the right thing to do for your pet is take a sample of cells from a problem area and examine them in our lab or send them to a veterinary diagnostic laboratory.

Veterinary Video Otoscope

Being able to video the deepest parts of your pet’s ear helps us make an accurate assessment of what might be bothering them. We can diagnose tumors, ruptured eardrums, infections and other problems.

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