When your dog is not doing well, the priority is getting the right diagnosis as quickly as possible. As part of a comprehensive examination, dog x-rays enable us to get an abundance of information about your pet’s health or injuries in a very short time.

In our practice, we focus on dogs and cats. Dogs are so much more active than most cats plus dogs have a tendency to eat objects that have no place in their stomachs. They are also exposed to many more different types of environments than cats. So it’s really important to find out what’s going on inside of them.

With dog x-rays, we can quickly detect conditions like these:

  • Tumors in the chest
  • Enlarged hearts
  • Lung disease or fluid accumulation
  • Bronchitis or collapsed trachea
  • Most bladder or kidney stones
  • Hip or elbow dysplasia
  • Arthritic changes in the bones

Of course, x-rays are vital if there’s an injury. We could be looking for the exact location or extent of any of these injuries:

  • Broken bones
  • Dislocations

Treatment can be far more exact and effective when we have x-ray images to tell us exactly what we are dealing with when a dog’s behavior or health changes or they’ve suffered an injury. If your dog is acting abnormally or has been injured, there’s no time to waste. Call us for an appointment: (573) 888-2255.

Dental X-Rays for Dogs

Did you know that painful, broken, abscessed teeth are often covered up by an accumulation of tartar? The constant pain suffered when trying to eat could cause your dog to lose weight and develop other health problems due to malnutrition. That’s why dental x-rays are so vital.

With dental x-rays, we can see inside your dog’s teeth, gums and the bones around the mouth. Many tooth problems are located under the gums so they can’t be found on a visual inspection. Dental x-rays are often the fastest route to accurate diagnosis and recovery.

Cost for Dog X-Rays

The cost for a dog x-ray is remarkably reasonable. Of all the types of imaging available, x-rays are the most affordable. A few x-rays could also save you a good deal of money because they enable us to get right to the correct diagnosis and treatment.

Pregnant Dog X-Rays

Pregnant dog x-rays are often important for successful breeding. Ultrasound is more sensitive for early pregnancy detection, but in the last week of pregnancy, x-rays allow us to count the puppies, and evaluate their size relative to mom’s birth canal. If the puppies are too large to be born in the normal manner, early intervention can save the lives of the puppies and the mother.

If a puppy count was not obtained before delivery, a post-delivery x-ray can confirm that all the puppies have been born.

When you need care for your dog, you can be sure that we will provide our best diagnostic procedures for your pet, and get them on the road to recovery as fast as possible.

Please consult with us immediately if you see a marked change in your pet or if they suffer an injury. Call us at (573) 888-2255 to schedule an appointment or to let us know you need emergency assistance.