One part of our practice in which we’ve made significant investments is diagnostic equipment. In addition to in-house blood analyzers and regular x-ray equipment, we’ve added a veterinary dentistry x-ray system and veterinary ultrasound. Ultrasound is truly a vital diagnostic tool.

While X-rays are great for lungs, bones and teeth, they only show us shadows on the softer organs of the abdomen. Ultrasound lets us see the internal structure of these organs, revealing information in situations that might otherwise require exploratory surgery. This can save trauma to your pet (and your pocketbook).

With ultrasound, we can examine the shape and structure of a specific organ. It’s also an important diagnostic tool for finding cysts or tumors and for checking a pet’s heart health.

Here are some more reasons why we love our ultrasound for pets:

  • Locating and sizing bladder stones
  • Detecting abnormalities in adrenal glands, pancreas or lymph nodes
  • Early pregnancy diagnosis
  • Guiding biopsy procedures

This procedure also offers affordable pricing for clients.

Are you concerned that your pet might have one of these problems? Please call us to schedule a veterinary ultrasound: (573) 888-2255.

Providing the Most Accurate Diagnosis with Veterinary Ultrasound

During diagnosis, we want to discover the right reason(s) for any problems your pet is having. That’s why we have trained carefully on the latest diagnostic procedures and invested in equipment that helps us do the job as quickly as possible.

We also have relationships with specialists and experts from Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee and Mississippi. If needed, we will consult with the appropriate specialist to help us interpret the results of an ultrasound and other tests and make recommendations.

For more complex ultrasound procedures, a board-certified veterinary radiologist from Southland Vets visits our hospital on site. You get the equivalent of a trip to a college of veterinary medicine without leaving town.

We are here to keep your pets happy and healthy.