Taking x-rays of our feline patients gives us so much essential information to enable us to get right to work fixing their health problems. Without x-ray images, we would often have to rely on educated guesses and that’s just not acceptable.

For cats that have access to the outdoors, x-rays are especially vital because there’s no telling what they might have come in contact with. Even indoor cats can have injuries to joints or bones. But x-rays inform us about a lot more than just skeletal issues; we can detect organ enlargement, blockages and much more.

Just look at the diagnostic value of cat x-rays. With them, we can diagnose problems like these:

  • Fluid in the lungs or chest cavity
  • Enlarged heart, spleen, liver or kidneys
  • Broken ribs
  • Tumors
  • Heart disease

Are you concerned that your cat suffers from any of these problems? Call us now for an appointment: (573) 888-2255.

Dental X-Rays for Cats

We’ve invested in special equipment that allows us to take x-rays of your cat’s teeth and mouth. These x-rays have been lifesavers, particularly for older cats that might have dental disease under the gums.

We can find abscessed, decayed, broken or infected teeth that might not be particularly visible in a visual examination. Very often, the real evidence we are looking for is inside the tooth or under the gums. By removing damaged teeth, we can help a cat get out of pain and back to enjoying life on your lap, couch or bed.

A cat must be sedated for dental x-rays. Don’t worry, we provide special care and support to ensure they tolerate this procedure well.

How Much Do Cat X-Rays Cost?

If sedation is not involved, cat x-rays are not very expensive. If we must sedate the cat, the price will go up but the images are clearer and more detailed. Cat x-rays enable us to zero in on injuries or illness which might otherwise go undetected. Additionally, a faster diagnosis based on these x-rays can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars and days or even weeks of discomfort for your pet.

Cat x-rays take the guesswork out of treatment so your lives together can return to normal. If your cat needs x-rays, we’re ready to help. Schedule an appointment at (573) 888-2255.