Sunny Girl is an eleven-years old, full-figured, fun-loving gal. Even though she looks like a Malamute, she has a more colorful ancestry. She can lay claim to genes from Pit Bull, Chow Chow, Labrador Retriever and German Shepherd.

She had been having some urinary difficulties which had progressed to seeing blood in her urine. Her family had also found two small stones passed in her urine when she had an “accident”. They feared there might be more of them, and they were correct.

In the picture at right, you see a typical number of bladder stones removed from another patient. It’s not the sort of thing you’d like to have rattling around inside you, is it?

When Sunny Girl went to surgery, we found that she had brought bladder stones to a “whole ‘nother level”. Over four ounces of stones were removed, for a new record and reigning champion. This particular type of bladder stone develops secondarily to a urinary tract infection that hasn’t been treated effectively. Our champion will be getting regular urine specimen checks in the future.We don’t want her setting any new records