Harley is a Scottish Terrier (shown here with his summer haircut). Like all puppies, he likes to chew on most anything: golf balls, shoes, etc. Unlike all puppies, he may also eat the non-food items, such as drapery weights. Sometimes this doesn’t bother him much, but sometimes it does.

When his owner found that he had been chewing on an electrical cord similar to this one, she was glad that it hadn’t been plugged in. If it had been, he could easily have been electrocuted and we wouldn’t have much of a story here. As it happens, he had chewed through the cord in several places and made a pretty big mess. It was a long extension cord and it never occurred to the folks that he might have actually eaten some of it.

That is, it didn’t occur to them until he started feeling pretty sick. His X-ray revealed several lengths of twisted wire. Fortunately, with some Metamucil three times a day for lubrication, we were able to slide the debris right on out the exhaust pipe and he didn’t require surgery. You wouldn’t believe how neat they keep their house now. There is nothing for Harley to chew on — not even a dust-bunny.