Monthly Archives: February 2008

Wednesday Music Club

I like a lot of different kinds of music.  My favorite is vocal ensemble close harmony.  Think Barbershop Quartets, the Mills Brothers, The King’s Singers, the Andrews Sisters, Rockapella, Take 6, and cowboy songs (of course).  I like brass quintets, Renaissance and Baroque music, and Sousa marches, among others.  Upbeat, peppy Bluegrass and old-time thumping […]

He is NOT too old to get his teeth cleaned.

This "Beau".  He is thirteen years old, and this picture was taken about 15 minutes after we finished cleaning his teeth.  His teeth were really covered with calculus (tartar), and he had a little gum disease.  Cleaning his teeth was especially important because of his other medical problems.  Not his lower back problems (which have […]