Book Review: Engineering for Cats

Engineering for Cats by Mac Delaney
Workman Publishing , copyright 2018

This is such a fun how-to book if you like cats, or you like to build things, and especially if you like both. There are ten projects designed to improve the quality of life for your cat or cats, and thus your own, if you’re sharing a home with cats.

The drawings are clear, and the instructions are detailed. With each project, you are told what you need in the way of raw materials and tools. Whether it’s bunk beds, a scratching post, exercise wheel or a drinking fountain, you won’t run into surprises in construction.

This is not to say that the projects are so simple that they “build themselves”. Some are pretty easy, while others require some carpentry expertise, and more tools than a hammer, saw and screwdriver.

Environmental enrichment is really important for cats confined to a home (check out the Indoor pet Project at and these projects are a great resource for that.

Highly recommended.

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