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Empathy makes better care.

One always feels that the veterinarian’s own pets should be shining examples of animal health and behavior, perfect in every way (the opposite of "the shoemaker’s children go barefoot").  Naturally, you get a "Doctor’s excuse" if you have adopted some crippled stray, but I think that generally people adhere to the "Physician, heal thyself!" philosophy.  […]

Ambassador from Pomerania

Mister Pepe, the Pomeranian came in feeling bad.  His owners pronounce his name Mister Peppy.  I feel compelled to pronounce it Meester Pay-Pay.  It is not uncommon for people to give Hispanic-sounding names to Poms, presumably because they look somewhat like really hairy Chihuahuas.  Actually they are considered the smallest of the "Husky-type" breeds, no […]

Healing takes more than medicine.

Oh, my sacro-iliac!  It’s where your pelvis joins to your back-bone — pretty much where your top is hooked to your bottom.  Nobody ever uses that term anymore.  They call it the "S-I Joint". I think that’s because saying "sacro-iliac" conjures up images of Jimmy Durante and vaudeville.   It is a pretty darn funny-sounding word.  […]