Monthly Archives: January 2013

Microchip Identification in Dogs

“So, on those microchips, what kind of range do they have?”   About three inches.  When people don’t really understand what microchip identification is, they can have some unrealistic expectations. Look at this little thing: do you see any room for a power supply?  I mean, I’ve heard of the “button battery”, but you’d have to […]

Communication is more than just words.

I was at a veterinary convention and heard a report from our state licensing board.  They told us that the vast majority of complaints they receive don’t involve actual bad medical care.  The complaints almost always arise from poor communication.  Sometimes the veterinarian failed to give the client a realistic expectation of what could be […]

Taking the Doctor’s Advice

You’ve probably seen the TV ad where the doctor rushes across the ball field trying to make a catch. “You wouldn’t want your doctor doing your job, so why try to do his?”  It’s about folks trying to diagnose themselves and treat with over-the-counter remedies. Some do this because they want to save money (and who […]