A beautiful day for a much-needed ride.

Sometimes you don’t realize how much you needed something until you get it.  In my case, what I needed was some fresh air and open space.  I’ve either been working or going to meetings or working the little league basketball games for Kiwanis, or going to funerals or just about anything except riding my motorcycle.  Thursday is my "afternoon off".  I don’t schedule appointments, but I usually have at least an hour of paperwork, plus errands to run, plus visit my CASA kid, plus patients in the hospital.  Today we had three emergencies in the morning, including the second case of eclampsia this week.   When you start the eleven o’clock surgery at 12:30, it’s hard to finish by noon.  When I ordered supplies, it was the telephone rep’s first day.  I ordered triple-antibiotic eye ointment and she asked me how to spell it.  "Eye? Ointment? Antibiotic? Triple? I – T ?"  It’s two o’clock and I haven’t had lunch yet, and yes, we’ve more errands to do. Hey, isn’t it time to take the income tax stuff to the accountant?

Then, I went outside and found the beautiful weather.  Serendipitously, the foster family for my CASA kid were on their way out of town for the weekend.  Suddenly, I had time for a ride.

March_ride_2 We saw many flooded fields, ditches lapping at their banks, and the St.Francis River spread even farther into its bayous than usual — as in places you can usually drive to are under water today.  Of course, one of the plus-points of living in a flat delta devoid of scenery is that floods tend to be miles wide and two inches deep.  You folks with your pretty hills and valleys have floods that are fast and deep and dangerous.  We just get soggy down here. 

Mostly what I needed today was some space.  Man, do I feel better now!

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