Are you still there?

A reader with a question about Anal Sac Problems asked “are you still there?”
Good question.  Yes, I am, but between working long hours, and keeping my daughter’s Peace Corps site up to date, and Scout stuff, I just haven’t been doing much blogging lately.

I had a great motorcycle ride today.  I thought it might be too hot, but it was just fine.  I needed to get out in the open and get some space.

The crops mostly look good, with corn varying from knee high to the proverbial “as high as an elephant’s eye” and already starting to tassel.  No rice on today’s ride up to Crowley’s ridge, though I saw a lot two weeks ago on a ride through Arkansas.  The cotton and soybeans look a little small and frail… and dry.  There were several irrigation rigs pumping.  Winter wheat is being harvested.

Finished the day with a sad duty.  A long-time patient had reached the end of the line, and his owners were in the parking lot as I pulled in from my ride.  We let him leave his broken body to go somewhere else and run and play and be a puppy again.

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