Back in the saddle (for a day)

It hit sixty today with plenty of sunshine.  So, even though there is still some snow beside the road, I figured it was time to blow the cobwebs out of Ol’ Red. My wife had bought me a little heated vest from Hammacher-Schlemmer.  It runs on a little rechargeable battery pack and has three settings. It doesn’t have the power for a cross-country trip, but it worked fine (for a short ride) and no wiring required.

There was melt-water across the road when I went up in the hills in the Campbell peach orchards, but most was in full sun.  There was one shady stretch with black ice covering half of one lane, but it was a straight section of highway. 

The scenery wasn’t much today, and I was pretty conservative in the little twisty section, but I don’t often get in 60 miles on February 2.  There were plenty of other things that didn’t get done today, but they didn’t need doing as much I needed the airing out.  I feel almost as good as I did visiting with my motorcycle-riding classmates at the MVMA convention.

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