Back in the Saddle again – almost

Ride again side(2) After crashing the bike in April, my desire to ride was in about the same shape as the bike.  I later discovered the persistent soreness in my elbow was a crack in the radial head.  It wasn't visible on regular X-rays, but showed up on an MRI (which makes me wonder about a lot of my patients who "don't have anything broken", but are still sore). 

The bike's been put back together for a couple of months, but the elbow still has a bit of a way to go.  Still and all, it's been four months, and the weather suddenly cooled down for perfect riding.  It took me about an hour and a half to check everything, put on all the gear, and get back on.  That wan little smile in the picture might indicate I was only half-enthusiastic.

Ol' Red and I did about 70 miles on the first trip with the hoss that throwed me.  I'll have to go check out that curve between Campbell and Glennonville sometime… at a slower speed.

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