Best Christmas Pageant ever.

Normally, we stay open late on Tuesdays, scheduling until 7:00 PM.  The sad fact today is that many families have both parents (if they even have two parents) working full-time.  Saturday morning hours and evening hours once per week make life easier for those folks (though a bit harder for me). I thought I could come in later on Tuesday mornings, but the phone rings off the hook if I stay home an hour.  Tuesdays are just our long day.

Today, though, I was gone by 5:55, because I wanted to be at the church nativity pageant.  Some years wonderful things happen (i.e. unintentionally funny disasters).  Tonight everything went off with only the most minor of hitches and glitches.  There were a couple of weeping angels and a reluctant sheep who didn’t make it on to the stage.  The donkey’s ears made me think he was the rabbit from Mary’s pregnancy test, or some weird premonition of Easter to come.  If he had been on all fours, I probably wouldn’t have gotten so confused.  Mostly it was amazing how well all the kids knew their lines and spoke right up.

My nephew Max and niece Meg were Joseph and Mary.  Baby Jesus was one of Meg’s dolls, rather than the traditional concealed 40-watt light bulb.  My nephew Joe was the white-beared wise-man in this picture.  These are not the "Soggy Bottom Boys", though I did expect that they might skip "We Three Kings" and sing "I am a man of constant wisdom…"  3wiseguys_1

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