Book Review: “Thanks For Picking Up My Poop”

Who has not lived in fear of how they will be able to waste time when their internet is down?  Sure, you probably have a deck of cards in your emergency supplies (or junk drawer) so that you will be able to play solitaire, but man does not live by solitaire alone.  What about your compulsive need to look at cute animal pictures with heartwarming/funny captions?  How will you get your fix when your devices cannot connect?

Just add this little book to your emergency supplies (next to the deck of cards).  It doesn't take up much room, and has gobs of the pictures and captions you need.  I'm not sure why the title focuses onthe scatological.  Your dog is probably more thankful for a lot of other things.  For more info, check out the author's blog.


3 thoughts on “Book Review: “Thanks For Picking Up My Poop”

  1. Doc says:

    Hello, My Austin Dog,

    I don’t think I have regular readers, because I have quit posting regularly. Most of the hits I get are people looking for answers to medical problems. I believe the site gets a lot of hits because my post titles have been pretty generic, and because I take the time to respond to people and answer their questions as best I can.

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