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Dog with a skin problem = Do a skin scraping cytology exam

The dermatologists harp on this, and for good reason.  When a dog has a skin problem, you frequently see a very non-specific outward appearance.  If he's been scratching it, it just looks like it's been scratched a lot.  You will probably see hair loss, flaking skin, redness, crusts, scabs, maybe some pimples.  This will be […]

Interesting Itching Information

  The itching pet is one of the most common problems that we see.  Sometimes the cause is not obvious to the owner, but yields readily to a thorough examination.  For instance, we commonly find unsuspected flea populations on animals with long, dark coats.  Young puppies with bad itching are most likely to have Sarcoptic mange ("Scabies"). […]

Anal Sac Problems

Warning: This post describes disgusting bodily functions. When I was starting veterinary school, I visualized myself as "the boy-wonder equine surgeon".  I really thought that I’d be doing nothing but horse-work.   Not only do horses not have anal sacs, at that time I wasn’t aware that these particular disgusting anatomical structures even existed.  Had I […]