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What else can I do with my itchy dog?

One of our readers writes: I have 2 Chihuahuas, one weighs 10 pounds and the other weighs 15 pounds.  They both have the same symptoms: scratching, biting and pulling out hair.  My vet gave them  both a long-acting cortisone injection June 1st,  and the symptoms stopped.   On July 2 they started again.  I waited until […]

Demodex Mites live in the hair follicle.

This little guy has localized demodecosis.  He doesn't look bad at all, not like generalized demodecosis (aka, "red mange"). This is the "spot case" type of demodectic mange that almost always is self-limiting, i.e. the dog recovers whether you treat him or not.  Since I've already talked about this at length in previous posts, why […]