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Senior Care/Geriatric Workups, Part 2: The Checklist

It is amazing to me how many clinical signs of disease are dismissed as "just getting older".  It is certainly true that old age will bring about some degenerative changes that we cannot remedy.  On the other hand, many diseases of the older pet are very treatable.  I have listed common signs of disease that […]

Senior Care/Geriatric Workups, Part 1: Old Age is not a disease.

"He’s never been sick before. I mean, he’s been slowing down, kind of grumpy-acting, but he’s just getting older." Bad arthritis slows you down, abscessed teeth make you grumpy, kidney failure makes you sick, and a weak heart keeps you from playing like you used to.  If these problems are detected earlier, they can be […]

Complete physical exams

Or, "if you don’t look, you don’t find".   When a client presents a pet with a problem they are concerned about, it’s very tempting to go right to that problem.  After all, that’s why they’re here, right?  Unfortunately, unless I go about the pet’s examination in a systematic way, I’m liable to miss something because […]