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Could I just give preventive medicine, instead of treating my dog for her heartworms?

So here's another set of questions about heartworm treatment where the answer bears repeating.  This is a continuation of a dialog that began in a previous post about heartworm treatment.  This fellow is out east and has adopted a stray, and unfortunately, the dog has heartworms.  At present, he doesn't feel that he can take […]

Are Heartworms getting worse? A Seminar: Part 6 of 6

Doxycycline’s Role in the Treatment Process This also relates back to our problems with heartworm treatment. Doxycycline kills L3 and L4 larval stages of the heartworm, and it decreases embryogenesis (the production of microscopic baby heartworms — microfilariae).  It has intrinsic anti-inflammatory effects.  It greatly inhibits Wohlbachia, which is a symbiotic rickettsial organism needed by […]

Are Heartworms getting worse? A Seminar: Part 5 of 6

Immiticide Treatment to Kill Adult Worms In re failure to clear dogs of worms with the Immiticide treatment, there are several considerations that are important, particularly in dogs that have not been receiving preventive medicines.  I have written previously about problems with the treatment. Immiticide does NOT kill immature adult worms, or “juvenile worms”.  These […]

Are Heartworms getting worse? A Seminar: Part 4 of 6

Mosquito ConsiderationsIn an October 2008 seminar, Dr. Tom Nelson made much of the increased numbers of tropical storms hitting the Gulf Basin in the past several years since Hurricane Katrina.  His thesis is that more storms equals more rain, equals more flooding, equals more mosquitoes. This was not much accepted as an explanation for the […]

Are Heartworms getting worse? A Seminar: Part 3 of 6

Preventive Medicine Considerations Heartworm preventive products have never been “100% effective”, but they have been pretty close.  It is interesting to note that in the drug approval process, testing is done in a (relatively) small number of Beagles in a laboratory setting, using only 100 microfilariae to infect the subjects.  This is a far cry […]

Are Heartworms getting worse? A Seminar: Part 2 of 6

Heartworm Testing Considerations One explanation proposed for the increase in dogs diagnosed with heartworm is an increased sensitivity (or accuracy, if you will) in the tests that are being used.  In other words, if you have a better test, you'll find more dogs with low numbers of heartworms that you might have missed previously. Thirty […]