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Is there a good alternative to Immiticide treatment?

Eric writes: Thank you for all the information regarding heartworm prevention and treatment. There is a lot of misunderstanding. We are an animal welfare group who took in a dog which tested positive for heartworms. The dog has received ivermectin weekly + doxycyline daily for two weeks, paused a week, and will receive another week […]

AHS offers guidance in face of Immiticide shortage to treat heartworm infection

Aug 11, 2011DVM NEWSMAGAZINE National Report — As a shortage of the heartworm treatment Immiticide® looms, the American Heartworm Society unveiled an interim management plan for veterinarians yesterday. "With Immiticide unavailable, veterinarians will need to take steps to carefully manage their heartworm-positive patients," says Wallace Graham, DVM, president of AHS in a prepared statement. Crafted […]

Demodex Mites live in the hair follicle.

This little guy has localized demodecosis.  He doesn't look bad at all, not like generalized demodecosis (aka, "red mange"). This is the "spot case" type of demodectic mange that almost always is self-limiting, i.e. the dog recovers whether you treat him or not.  Since I've already talked about this at length in previous posts, why […]