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Pet Food Recall Rises from the Grave

Two different issues this time.  A couple of different foods recalled due to possible Salmonella (the germ that causes "food poisoning") contamination: Krasdale Gravy dry, and Red Flannel large breed dry foods.  Check out the Mars Pet Care site. For more  Salmonella opportunities, try "Eight in One" chicken jerky.  Here’s the FDA listing on those […]

Chocolate Overdose

Many folks have heard that "chocolate is poisonous to pets".  As far as that goes, if you eat a massive enough amount, it’s poisonous to people, too.  Yes, yes, I hear you out there saying that chocolate is actually an essential nutrient, that you can’t live without it (or life isn’t worth living without chocolate, […]

Pet Food Recall, Nasty food preservatives, and the Everlasting Bagel

Wednesday’s Wall Street Journal carried two articles that were obviously prompted by our pet-food recall problems.  The first is about an apparent widespread use of unsafe additives for local consumption on a routine basis across Asia. Formaldehyde, which has been linked to cancer, has legitimate uses in adhesives and embalming.  But in Indonesia, Sutikno, a […]