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Peanut Butter artificially sweetened with Xylitol is dangerous for your dog

Xylitol is an artificial sweetener that is relatively well tolerated by most people.  It is in lots of "sugar-free" or artificially sweetened products, from candy to gum to nutritional supplements like melatonin. Now there are a few brands of peanut butter that contain it.  Xylitol in pets can cause life-threatening episodes of low blood sugar, […]

First Aid for the Poisoned Pet

Today a lady arrived at our door with a drooling, twitching puppy, and around a half-gallon of insecticide.  It had been a full gallon when she left the house. When she returned home from her errand, she found the puppy in considerable distress.  He had chewed on the spray-tube apparatus, and managed to drain half […]

Diagnostic Workup Success – that almost wasn’t.

This is Molly.  A few days ago she was presented for an examination.  She had been limping a little the night before and just didn't feel well. There was no lameness when she came in, but she didn't have much mojo.  She didn't seem in any distress really, just no energy.  She also had not […]

Pet Food Recall – “Special Kitty” is special in a new way.

Yes, Wal-Mart's house brand of cat food (manufactured by Mars, makers of fine candy and pet food — a winning combination, but don't get confused on Halloween) has a little Salmonella prolem.  Salmonella, famous for food poisoning, not for salmon.  Here's a link to the full info.  Supposedly these bags are all way out east […]