Cub Scout Wild West Olympics

Banner (2) While I'm pretty heavliy involved with Boy Scouts, I haven't done too much in the Cub Scout department.  When I heard that the theme for this year's Cub Olympics was to be "Wild West", I knew I had to get in on the act.  The Mobley brothers have a LOT of cowboy props.

Our district training chairman, Dan Norton, came up with a dozen game ideas.  Once those ideas got filtered through Cubmaster Charlie Brown and myself, we had a great event for the boys. We strolled and strummed cowboy songs, spun lariats and cracked the bullwhip to add a little extra atmosphere to the boys' competitions.

Pony Express (3) The Pony Express was my favorite event.  That's a 7&3/4 Stetson on the boy, front brim rolled up "sidekick style".  They couldn't see a thing.  Here's a link to the whole show.

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