Dental procedure training.

In ancient times when I went through veterinary school,  our dental training was pretty limited.  In latter years I have bought textbooks, read journals and attended training courses.  There are still plenty of things to learn, though, and I’m off to Columbia, Missouri for a 2-day dental training course.  Saturday it’s lectures all day, while Sunday it’s all "hands-on" (what we in the profession call a "wet lab").

I’m really not too crazy about performing dental procedures, so I’m hoping this is the course that makes it fun to clean teeth.  Heaven knows that an awful lot of my patients need it.

Peanut_eddings_2 Here’s Peanut.   He’s a cute little guy, isn’t he?

Nasty_teeth_2 Here are Peanut’s teeth.  They’re not so cute, are they?  The darker tan junk covering is teeth is tartar (also known as dental calculus).  It’s hard, brittle, and 50% bacteria by weight.  The white, gooey-looking stuff around the gum-line is pus.   Yeah, he stinks.  Don’t let your pet’s mouth get in this condition.

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