Different kind of Thanksgiving

For the first time since we got married in 1976, my wife and I spent Thanksgiving apart.  She and our daughter joined my wife’s sisters and some friends for a trip to New York City.  They watched the Macy’s parade in the rain and got tickets for Late Night with David Letterman.   In fact, all three Mobley wives centered their Thanksgiving dinner around their side of the family.  Fortunately, my sisters-in-law opened their dinners to us lonely types, so I had two Thanksgiving dinners today.  Even more fortunately, they had plenty of food, so that I didn’t have to cook anything to bring.  Otherwise I’d have had to bring the traditional Thanksgiving Fritos.

I stayed home to take care of the hospitalized patients and because I don’t really like to travel. I feel that all cities are Gotham City, devoid of sunlight and riddled with crime. Here in Kennett we had beautiful weather, perfectly clear, no wind, and in the high sixties.  A little cool for a motorcycle ride, but I snuck one in this afternoon.

This morning,out of the blue, my son asked for a fencing lesson, which was a first. Once, when we were watching The Mask of Zorro, I said, "Anybody who doesn’t want to pull out their sword and leap on a horse after watching that has got something wrong with them."  He quietly replied, "Guess I’ve got something wrong with me."  Today, for about the third time since I left college, I pulled out the foils and masks and we spent an hour discussing the basics of sword-play. 

I have much to be thankful for.  Live long and prosper.

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