End of Daylight Savings Time again

Sunset_bike_2 The weather has been perfect yesterday and today, low seventies, clear blue skies and no wind.  I was able to get in a ride on Old Red both days, but had to start "an hour later" today.  The shade you bless on hot days was an unwelcome interlude today. We wanted all of that setting sunshine we could get.  The air was as clean and sweet as it ever gets in Swampeast Missouri.  At least it was in the fields that haven’thad chicken-house litter or gin trash spread on them for fertilizer. Those stink pretty nearly as bad as a pig farm.  There are still scattered cotton modules in the fields.  Lots of bugs broke on my face-shield, and that probably won’t happen again until spring.

Dashboard I’m leaving the little clock on my fork-nut set on daylight savings time.  It’s my promise to myself that spring will come again.

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