I’ve previously offered my thoughts on pets being hit by cars.  "Oh, I can’t stand to see them penned up."  Well, as Charlie Alnutt (Humphrey Bogart) says in "The African Queen",  "You pays your money and you takes your choice." [Our high school English and Drama teacher, Mr. Joe Newman was fond of that saying, too.]  By which I mean, yeah, you can give them the freedom to run loose, but you have to know that someday they are going to get hit, shot, chewed up in a fight, poisoned by someone’s garbage, and so forth.   

Road_rash_face__2_ That sure came home to roost for Buddy last night.  Look at the road-rash on that face.  He has little cuts and scrapes all over his body, and big bruises under them, too (though you couldn’t see them yet, I’m sure he was/is feeling them).

Buddy_sleeps__2_ Buddy wasn’t critically injured, but he had some wounds that needed attention.  After some pain meds and sedation to examine him, we proceeded to start I.V. fluids and get him anesthetized and on some oxygen.  After cleaning up the wounds, we first sutured this gash on his right front leg.

Anus_rip_2_ You’ve heard of "ripping somebody a new a________", and this is what it looks like.  There were several new holes besides the one he started with.  I really can’t picture exactly how this happened in the sequence of getting hit and rolled, but obviously it did.

Anus_new_2_ Here’s "Frankenbutt" after being re-assembled.  Still doesn’t look great, but we’re down to just the one hole that belongs there.  I don’t think he’s even going to be incontinent.  He’ll be on stool softeners for a while, though.  Pain meds, too, natch.

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