Full days

I haven’t had much time to post this week.  We’re staying as busy in the clinic during February as we usually do in the spring.  Since winter is usually pretty slow, I’m guessing this bodes for a busy year.

I was also pretty busy this week helping my nephew and his buddies rehearse a skit for the Semo Little Theater Valentine’s Day show.  Ten-year-old boys are perhaps not the most appropriate artists to "sell" a tender love song, so we worked out something else for them.  When I told them that we’d do a quick Three Stooges bit, I was astonished to find that two of the three had no idea what I was talking about.  Even more distressing, one of them was my nephew, my own flesh and blood.  I was completely mortified with shame: I’ve let the boy grow up culturally illiterate.  We’ve fixed that, though. [That is why I felt it necessary to include a link to the Stooges, in case some other poor deprived soul finds this blog.]

So, I worked till after noon, made a quick change and attended Joe Hemingway’s funeral service.  Then I started Ol’ Red (for the first time in five weeks) and blew out the cobwebs with a 20-minute ride that froze my fingers.  A thirty-minute cardio workout warmed me back up, and I went back to the clinic to care for the dogs. After that it was on to Cub Scout Pack 89’s annual Blue and Gold Banquet, where I helped deliver the annual  Family Friends of Scouting presentation.  They had 81 Scouts, plus parents and siblings (including my troupe of strolling players), for a very successful awards dinner.

The three budding thespians and I made a quick change and arrived at the theater in plenty of time for The Little Gentlemen to deliver Cole Porter’s charming "Let’s Do It (Let’s fall in love)".

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