FurEverBrite Glow-in-the-Dark Pet Collar

Trip hazardI had ordered a couple of these to tie on to my dog, but I found a better alternative.

You see, most of the time, my dog Cady sleeps in her favorite spots — spots that are a long way from the traffic pattern.  There are other times when she randomly decides to sleep between my bed and the bathroom.

This is bad, as I frequently have to make an old-man bathroom trip in the middle of the night.  Being the  middle of the night, it's dark in the bedroom and hallway.  Since I don't want to wake the wife (and I hardly ever get lost on that trip), I don't turn on the lights.  So it's dark.

Not only is it dark, I'm about half asleep.  Thus, should the dog decide to sleep in the path, there's a pretty good chance that I won't notice until I trip over her.  Maybe nothing happens, or maybe I fall and we both break a rib.

Furever Brite collarThis is a better alternative:  the FurEverBrite Glow-in-the-Dark Pet Collar.  They don't cost much.  They charge up with normal room light.  They really do glow in the dark, and the glow lasts all night.  They do have that cheap plastic ambience, but they do work.  With a longer-haired dog (like mine), the collar isn't always as visible as it would be on a short-haired dog. Even so, the collar has saved me from tripping numerous times already.  I'm sold on it.

Another good use would be that dog you let out to use the bathroom before you go to bed, and the dog decides to piddle around the yard for a while instead of coming back in.  Well, the yard is dark and you have a hard time finding him when he doesn't answer your call.  What if he glowed in the dark?

After I bought one for myself (for my dog and myself, I guess), I liked it well enough that I am selling them in my office.  You can also buy them direct online.


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