Great week at Scout Camp

I was fortunate to be able to find a relief veterinarian to cover for me so that I could take a week’s vacation without leaving my patients in the lurch.   Sure, I called home a few times to see if there were any big problems, but mostly I just didn’t worry about anything but having fun with the boys. 

Tower distant (2) I spent a lot of the week helping with the climbing merit badge course.  This picture of the climbing tower was taken during Spring Camporee, also held at good old Camp Lewallen.

Doc ties harness (2) At camporee, I spent most of my time tying kids into their harnesses.  In the merit badge class, they learn to tie their own, as well as learning to belay each other [hold that safety rope] while they climb and rappel.

Tower high (2) This is what you’re helping them to do.  Later in the week, we travelled to S-F Scout Ranch where they got to rappel down real cliffs.

Scout Camp 2008_0002 (2) This was my big reason for going to camp this year.  My nephew Joe had recently joined Troop 272, and this was is first year for summer camp.  This is Joe and Will on the traditional Mount Logan hike.

Scout Camp 2008_0003 (2) While I’ve made a lot of new friends in Scouting,  I really enjoyed spending some time with an old friend who’s new to Scouting.

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