Great Day for Riding

Holiday weekends are great in some ways for me, not so great in others.  I love family celebrations and so forth, and they are easy for me to get to, as my entire extended family lives right here in Kennett.  On the other hand, since I don’t leave town, I take over all clinic duties so the staff can have the holiday off.  That means I do a lot of dog-walking, a little poop-scooping, and handle the emergency calls by myself.  Sometimes that doesn’t leave me with very much holiday time off. 

Labor Day is one of those rare holidays that requires no preparation, no gathering, no decorating and no presents.  I get the dogs and cats taken care of, catch up my paperwork, catch up a few chores at home and actually have some time for a little fun.  Yesterday evening was terrific for a little motorcycle ride.  It’s been 100 degrees for so long that 82 felt positively brisk, especially on the open road.  The crops look great, and the air smells sweet (except when you breeze past the occasional road-kill).  Southeast Missouri could hardly be any prettier than it is now.  We rode twisty little WW over Crowley’s Ridge outside of Campbell.  Someone has planted a new peach orchard. Hundreds of shrubby little fruit trees are a testament to their belief in the future.

Here’s a picture of Ol’ Red after a bath.Dscn1467_2

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