Happy ending to a long day

Worked till 2:00 PM.  Grabbed a sandwich and ate lunch in the car on the way to Murray, Kentucky (2.5 hour drive from old Kennett).  Met son at dorm for end of semester load-out. Filled  the van full of dirty clothes, clean clothes, unicycle, accordion, books, CDs, fencing equipment and stale groceries.  2.5 hours to drive home and at 9:00 the phone is ringing.

Mom and pup (2) Just yesterday, we X-rayed Sweet-Pea to see how many puppies she had, as her owners felt she was due within the week.  There was only one… one BIG one.  When there's just one pup, it gets all the nutrition available for a litter, and it gets big.  It didn't look quite as big as the pelvis on the X-ray,so I hoped she might deliver on her own.  At 5:30 she started pushing, but she couldn't push it out.  So, time for a C-section.  Mom's a little groggy and pup's a little confused, but everybody's going to be fine.

2 thoughts on “Happy ending to a long day

  1. kathleen says:

    That sounds like a very eventful day. Glad it all went well.

    What did you ever learn about the effectiveness of Heartgard at the conference?

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