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  1. Sheila says:

    May I suggest adding some Polartec to your ice emergency stash for future ice storms? For years, I have bought it by the roll to use as dog blankets (o.k., yes, also for my own blankets). It is soft, comfy, easily washed and dried, designed for frigid temps, and even my heathen dogs can’t harm it without dedicated efforts, and it does not ravel into threads which could harm their intestines. When we had no heat, I wrapped up with a few layers of heavy weight Polartec and all the little dogs, and we were warm in our little huddle. Of course, bathroom and shower chores were quite another story. When my tush froze to the toilet seat, I briefly considered whether a person could make a Polartec toilet seat cover. If you want some Polartec, let me know, I will bring some with me next time I come to Kennett. You could even use it for any boarding pets that need help staying warm next ice storm.

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