Incredibly great weather!

Here it is the middle of July, and this beautiful weather is like an oasis in the desert.  After a much needed rain Wednesday night, the high temps are down to 80, and the humidity is down to 40% (versus the usual mid to high 90's and 90% humidity – think "jungle", even in the midst of drought).

I hadn't been on Ol' Red for a couple of weeks, but yesterday I found time to ride for a couple of hours.  It just could not have been better.  We made a long circle, most of it on Crowley's Ridge. This upheaval created by the 1812 New Madrid earthquake gives you the experience of riding through hills, yet you can look over and see the pancake flat lands for miles on both sides of you.

The little rain and cool weather have really created a burst in the mosquito population, though.  Enjoy the beautiful day, but get inside when the sun goes down or they'll eat you alive.

2 thoughts on “Incredibly great weather!

  1. Janet says:

    it’s been suspiciously nice here too, and I have noticed the increase of skeeters. That’s the downside. But I’m happy I’m not sweating like a horse all the time!

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