Is this blog neglected? Well, Yes… and No.

I just haven't had the time at night to play on the blog much lately.  I've got several cases that I intend to post, but they are still sitting on the back burner.  If you look at the date of the last post, it looks like I've just been ignoring the blog.

The thing is, there is hardly a day that goes by without my devoting at least twenty or thirty minutes to the blog.  "Oh,yeah?" [sez you] "Then where are all the posts?  Did your dog eat your homework?"

What I'm doing in those thirty minutes is doing my best to answer questions from readers who have found the blog while researching their pet's particular problem.  Even though I certainly cannot prescribe for a pet that I have not examined, sometimes I can clarify a situation, or make suggestions.  Sometimes they just have questions that weren't addressed in the original post, but are related to the topic.

I receive questions from around the country, and even Europe and (today) Tanzania. 

There are some topics that either really concern a lot of pet-owners, or are simply the most poorly explained on a regular basis.  I have not counted the questions [comments] that I have received, but take a look at the number on these posts, and you'll see where the blog time goes.

Heat Cycle Basics,Anal Sac Problems, Aural Hematoma, Heart Attacks in Dogs

2 thoughts on “Is this blog neglected? Well, Yes… and No.

  1. Carlars Cuties Dog Boutique says:

    As a breeder of Yorkshire Terriers and Dachshunds and owner of 3 pet boutiques I can really relate to what you are saying. It seems like I am also behind in my blog writing. It is one thing I have on my to do list that is not a necessity!

  2. Cara deBeer says:

    Would you consider posting your questions and answers? I would love to read those, as well as the regular blog. (And I’m about to write you a letter on the subject of euthanasia in which I will explicitly give you permission to post my letter and your response, if you think it’s a subject that would interest people.)

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