Menagerie Fire – Day 4

Big Brownie Well, I'm down to just Big Brownie, here.  Her blood-work has been delayed.  I could have run basic stuff here, but I wanted more info, so I was going to send it out to the reference lab.  Unfortunately, FedEx decided they had a problem and couldn't make it until tomorrow.  So there's a bit of a delay.

Amazingly enough, she doesn't have heartworms, but she did have hookworms in her intestine.  Probably they all did.

Now she's developed a bit of a cough, possibly part of what was wrong before the fire, but maybe related to the smoke.  We'll see.

Turns out the Alligator Man is not as badly burned as was feared.  He was discharged from the burn unit in Memphis:  they gave him a bus ticket and sent him on his way.  Now he is a in a nursing facility here in town.  Of course, he still can't use his hands or care for himself, and the truck is a burned-out mess.  Fortunately, the animals are all fostered at present.

What a twist of fate.

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