Motorcycle 10, logic zero

I had lots of paperwork that needed doing Saturday afternoon after we finished seeing our regular patients.  It still needs doing.  The temp was 53 and "partly cloudy", which means that a motorcyclist is hoping for partly sunny.  I bundled up and saddled Ol’ Red.

I had worked through most of the New Year’s holiday weekend, lots of emergencies, and the subsequent week had been pretty busy as well.  I didn’t realized just how "cooped up" I’d been feeling until I got out on the open road.  Out on the back roads I could see from horizon to horizon and it felt mighty good to have that kind of space for a change.  With enough clothes on to be comfortable, I even enjoyed the cold air (and I hate being cold).

It’s been raining a lot and we’ve been pretty starved for sunshine. The low spots were full of water and Joe Hemingway’s house at Cotton Plant appeared to be on an island. It was more cloudy than sunny, but I found that I wasn’t the only one who needed to get outside.  Out in the country some guys were shooting hoops in their shirt sleeves (they were probably generating a lot of heat).  I met two different guys hauling their fishing boats.  On the other hand, I also met someone with a couch on the trailer he was pulling.  Perhaps he is being more  realistic than the rest of us, but sometimes you have to just disagree a little bit with what reality is handing you. 

Ride safe, but ride.

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