Much needed ride

OldRed and Armor (2) It was a little too windy.  It was a little too cool.  My riding buddy was out of town.  It was a little too late to start (I had spent half of my "afternoon off" at Children's Division, studying the file of my new CASA volunteer assignment).  Lots of reasons not to ride.

I rode anyway.  Sometimes I bemoan the lack of scenery here.  It's as flat as a pancake: no hills, no forests, just wide open spaces. Today, wide open space was exactly what I needed. 

Out on Ol' Red, it was just cool enough to be invigorating.  It had been so long since the last ride that I was completely "in the ride", no thoughts of anything else.  I could see for miles in every direction.  I could just BE for miles in every direction.  For an hour, I was sort of like the cowboy alone in the grandeur and solitude of the Great American West. 

Mighty fine.

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