National Dog-Bite Prevention Week

If National Pet Week was too warm and fuzzy for you, the merry month of May has more in store for the pet-lover (and the not-so-pet-loving public, as well). 

Dangerous dog After all, who has not had a nervous moment when meeting a dog of unknown temperament?  Especially a BIG dog of unknown temperament?  Or a dog that you KNOW is a bad actor?

The American Veterinary Medical Association put together some reading material, plus a cool podcast for you.  Stay safe out there.

2 thoughts on “National Dog-Bite Prevention Week

  1. KateH says:

    That is one impressively scary mouth! Luckily I’ve never gotten that far in an interaction with a ‘bad actor’ dog. I’ve managed to disengage much sooner – at the stiff body, hard stare, and then lifted lip stage. Dogs give pretty clear signals if humans would just stop and look.

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