Opening Day

About twenty years ago, a young man named Roland Nash was working sales for KBOA radio station in Kennett.  He stopped by my veterinary clinic and proposed that I advertise with them by doing a short radio spot on pet-care.  I had already written some newspaper columns, and I enjoyed speaking to groups, so I agreed to give it a try.  Jeff Wheeler was the station manager and we worked out a deal.  If I would buy some weather-watch spots and so forth, they would run my four-minute programs at the 30-second rate.   Thus was born "Your Pet’s Best Friend", my weekly radio spot, currently running on KTMO, KOTC, and KXOQ. 

Doing the show has been a lot of fun.  Taking the common (and sometimes not so common) animal  medical situations and adding some silly scenarios as lead-ins has given us a lot of good feed-back. Occasionally someone asks for  a demo tape, but Hollywood still hasn’t called.

One year ago, I started developing a website for Kennett Veterinary Clinic and it’s still a work in progress at   In an interesting karmic circle,  another KBOA alumnus, Steve Mays ( has convinced me that the way to communicate with my clients is to blog.  According to Steve, that’s the way to get your unique voice across and keep folks coming back for more.  My voice is unique, but I must confess that sometimes I find myself the only person laughing loudly at something in a movie.  I’d like to think I’m the only one smart enough to get the joke, but it’s possible that my sense of humor is slightly askew.  I reckon we’re going to find out which one is the case. 

1 thoughts on “Opening Day

  1. W. Porter says:

    Dear Dr. Mobley- I see that I am making history by posting a first comment on your blog site. I feel faint with excitement. I just have one comment- your wife must be a saint after all those years of your singing, music playing, cycle riding, trick pony riding, fencing, dancing, flea circus performing, stepping in horse manure, and general bursts of creative yet oddly amusing feats of achievement. Please tell her hello from all of us in blog-land.

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