Record number of lost teeth today.

You may remember the case of Cinnamon from a previous post.  She made it in today to get her dental work.  All of her teeth were still in her mouth when she arrived, but not many of them had much to hang on to.  Once we began cleaning off the pus and tartar they began to fall by the wayside pretty quickly. 

22teeth__2__1 Not counting the broken root that I found and extracted, she lost twenty-two teeth today.  Actually, they had been deceased for a while, but they were still hanging around their old stomping grounds (chomping grounds?).  Sort of the "dead man walking" thing.  You probably can’t see this, but there is no pink tissue on these teeth, meaning that they had no living attachment to the gums.  There are also no cavities — just gum disease.  You’re lucky you can’t smell them, too.

There were no problems with her anesthesia, even though she’s fifteen years old.  She’s going to feel so much better without all those loose teeth and the concommitant gum infection.  I just wish we could have done this three years ago.  I think all those teeth would still be in her mouth instead of a ziploc bag.

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