Scouting does not “rain out”.

"In a fair and distant land, where we’re going to take the Scouts, it never rains a single drop unless you’re camping out.  So, a-camping we will go ’til the rivers overflow, and when everything is soaking we will shoot the buffalo."

Weather The red asterisk in the Bootheel is Kennett.  The big green and blue thing  headed east is the last of the weather system that has been drenching us with cold rain all week.  It was supposed to be gone last night, but it wasn’t.  We had a big campout scheduled for today with an all-day orienteering and challenge course, followed with a zip-line ride.  It was to be the first campout for new Webelos Scouts who will soon (we hope) join the Boy Scout Troop.  The Cub Scout leaders decided that cold rain wouldn’t be a great way for the boys to get initiated (or should I say baptized?).  So, instead of bailing out their tents, they just bailed out of the campout.

Bad introduction either way, unfortunately.  In Boy Scouts we schedule campouts and camporees ahead of time, and we go when the time comes. When the weather is sub-optimal, we deal with it.  No going home because it started raining.  Gear up for good or bad weather. Be prepared, and remember that a Scout is cheerful.

It wasn’t a beautiful day, but that’s a life lesson, too.  One of our most memorable hikes was five miles in rain and mud.  We were cold and tired and everybody who was there felt like they did something. Things don’t have to be perfect to have fun.  Good thing, too, as things are seldom perfect… anywhere.

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