Should have used the muzzle

Dscn1077_2 This guy looks like such a nice dog.  His owner told me, "You know, he gets irritable sometimes.  Maybe you should use a muzzle."  I posted previously on why I am a little reluctant to put the muzzle on.  For some reason, I continue to labor under the delusion that my reflexes are faster than a dog’s.  I won’t say that they never are, but I would have to say that often they are not.

Thumb_hole_2 This is a couple of days later.  The bleeding has stopped now, as has the throbbing.  The good thing about having a hole punched through your thumb-nail is that you won’t have to drill a hole to relieve the pressure.  I’d really like to blame this one on someone else, but of course I cannot.  The nice lady told me I should use a muzzle.  She’s a nice lady and I think she’s honest, as well. 

The other good thing about the hole in my thumb-nail is that it reminds me to pay attention to the pet’s owner.  It is not unlikely that they know more about their pet’s personality than I do. 

So, until that hole grows out, I’ll probably remember to put a muzzle on the dogs that need it.

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