Sometimes you have to stay late.

This is one of those posts that could easily stray from the warm-fuzzy image we’d like to project.  Sometimes a patient is not in a life-threatening situation, yet you feel that his condition is something that just can’t wait.  I’m not even going to define paraphimosis (much less post a picture), but that’s what the puppy had.  When his owner noticed it early in the morning, he opened the pen to minister to him.  Unfortunately, the puppy ran past him and could not be found again and corralled until nearly five PM. 

That’s why it was after five when they showed up at KVC without calling first for an appointment.  I had places to go, and people to see, and miles to go before I sleep, but I decided it just couldn’t wait.  When you see the results of something delicate being dragged through the sand all day, it’s a little difficult to think about the kid getting no relief for another 18 hours.  So we stayed late, did surgery, and fixed him up.  It messed up my schedule, but it made me feel a lot better, just thinking about him feeling better.

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