Space-Age Poop Scooper

Steve Mays is my blogging guru, and is also a dog-lover. Today he features his thoughts on the Doggie Poop Catcher.  Sure, I love dogs and things doggish.  From my apparent obsession with asking clients to bring in stool specimens, you would think that I also love dog feces (I don’t).  Really, I don’t find this as interesting as you might think.  However, as always, I love to hear myself talk.

I think it will be easier to get the dog to accept this device than it is to get them to accept toothbrushing.  On the other hand, tooth-brushing will do the dog a lot more good.   Feces are pretty stable; they’re not going anywhere.  You have plenty of time to get a sample, or retrieve it for disposal.  It’s hard to imagine someone so anal [forgive the pun] that they are trying to keep their lawn pristine.  At least, it’s hard to imagine a dog-owner in that category.

You realize that this gizmo is going to require a little training process before the dog will accept it.  While feces are pretty stable for a few hours, urine specimens are a bit more ephemeral.  At KVC we often need to catch a voided urine sample.  As many things as dogs urinate on, you’d think they’d have no scruples about a cup, plus or minus your hand.  Turns out that they value their privacy more than you might think.  It’s even more difficult to slide a flat container under a squatting female in time to catch your specimen.  When you dart toward them as they squat, they have a tendency to get up again and look at you like you’re some kind of pervert. [This from an animal that will eat feces with relish… or just plain.]

I suspect that it will take a little TLC before your dog accepts this apparent "Goose-o-Matic" device as a simple adjunct to personal hygiene.  This post is filed under "strange beliefs", as I that’s how I would categorize the theory that this device will be popular.

1 thoughts on “Space-Age Poop Scooper

  1. Lori Miller says:

    Ummmm, and why can’t you slide the bag over your hand and pick it up? I could save even more money by doing it that way!PLUS, I won’t goose my dog! I’m enjoying your articles quite a bit! Keep em comming!

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