Thanksgiving for Pets

Thanksgiving%20Dinner My usual Thanksgiving rant is "Don't overfeed the pets!"  It's just not a good idea to turn the pets into garbage disposals under the guise of letting them share in the treat.  I hate treating all the unhappy pukers.  Skip the bones, skip the grease, skip the garbage.

So this is a little different slant on the rant. I got an email from the PR flack for Banfield: The Pet Hospital.  This is a corporately owned chain of veterinary hospitals.  Here's their press release:

Banfield has teamed up with the Meals on Wheels Association of America (MOWAA) for a national Pet food drive called Season of Suppers. Banfield hospitals across the nation are collecting Pet food at their locations and donating it to their local MOWAA program to feed Pets of senior citizens that receive meals. Isn’t that great?! Go to your local Banfield from now until December 31 to make your donation! Find your local Banfield here:

So, if you're near a Banfield, and going there anyway, why not? 

1 thoughts on “Thanksgiving for Pets

  1. Lizzie says:

    I get my dogs Nutro at a petsmart, that has a bainfeild in it. Next week when I go pick up my beasts food I will buy som extra and drop it off. Thanks for the heads up !! I also plan on sending a nice care package of dog toys/treats/blankets ect, down to the shelter I used to work at in GA.

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